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Seven fantastic RARE antique European mandel wound opalescent glass moon beads used in the African trade in the 1800's, early 1900's in EXCELLENT condition. The three largest beads measure approximately 28, 29, 30 mm in diameter. The four smaller beads are approximately 16 and 11 mm in diameter. The earliest examples of moon beads date back to around 1851. Their origin is widely disputed. It's likely they were of Murano origin, since it was here in 1693 that glass-makers discovered how to create opalescent glass. Moon beads are magical. $890.

Six rare antique Venetian fancy beads from the African trade in excellent condition. They measure approximately 13-14 mm in diameter. SOLD

Ten beautiful matching lime green antique Venetian glass trade beads in excellent condition, used in the African trade early 1900's. The beads measure approximately 11.5 mm in diameter. $33.

Beautiful very rare antique Venetian elbow bead with watermelon pattern from the early 1900's in great condition. Used in the African trade. It measures approximately 9 mm in diameter and 36 mm in length. SOLD

Four rare oval antique Venetian beads with a star pattern from the African trade circa early 1900's. The beads are in nice condition and measure approximately 6 mm in diameter and 12 mm in length. SOLD

Ten rare Venetian Zen disk beads from the early 1900's. They are in excellent condition. The beads measure approximately 8 mm in diameter. SOLD

Beautiful strand of mixed Venetian antique tabular wound glass trade beads with wonderful trail decoration in very nice condition. Used in the African trade late 1800's to early 1900's. The strand is approximately 28 inches long. The beads measure 11-20 mm in diameter. There are 45 gorgeous beads.Notice that the beads are matched in pairs. This is a VERY SPECIAL strand of tabular beads. You won't easily find one as nice as this. SOLD

Six antique translucent dark green Venetian beads with red and yellow stripes in very good condition. The beads measure approximately 15 mm in length and mm inlength. $24.

SINGLE BEADS & SMALL COLLECTIONS   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10   FULL STRANDS   1 2 3

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