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Bead Size Chart | How To Purchase

Beautifu very rare translucent blue Venetian fancy feather glass bead. The bead is in excellent condition from the early 1900's. The bead is approximately 20 mm in length. SOLD

Three old handcrafted heavy silver beads from the African trade probably made in Yemen. The beads range from approximately 12-14 mm in diameter and 14-16 mm in length. SOLD

Very rare antique Venetian fancy bead with elaborate decoration. It has a beautiful translucent green base. It is in very good condition and measures approximately 14.5 mm in diameter. $49.

Nine stunningly beautiful rare antique Venetian Fancy beads from the 1920's-1930's in pristine condition and graduated from 9 mm to 13 mm in diameter. The are a silky green with pink rose buds and gold adventurine stems. SOLD.

Seven beautiful RARE antique Venetian Fancy bicone glass beads circa 1880-1920. Also called king beads. The beads measure 9 mm in diameter and 34 mm in length. They are in excellent condition. SOLD

Rare Venetian elbow bead in excellent condition. It measures approximately 8 mm in diameter and 34.5 mm in length. It has multiple famous Murano rooster canes on all sides which was the Murano symbol and scarely used. $59.

Beautiful very rare small dark green translucent antique Venetian Arabesque glass bead from the early 1900's. The size of the bead is approximately 10 mm in diameter. SOLD

Antique Venetian dog bone glass bead from the African trade. The beads measures mm in 7 diameter and the widest ends and 13 mm in length. It is in excellent condition. $18.

SINGLE BEADS & SMALL COLLECTIONS   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10   FULL STRANDS   1 2 3

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