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A lovely old transluscent blue glass bead from the ancient Roman era city of Jenne-Jeno with multiple 3-part spot-eyes. The city of Jenne dates from the late Roman empire and many believe that beads coming from this vicinity date also to the Roman era. However many scholars now believe that the bead trade in Jenne dates from the middle Islamic era, about 800 to 1000 years ago more or less. An old bead with great character, despite the uncertainty in it's age, 800 to 2,000 years old. 11 mm in diameter. SOLD

Beautiful necklace of Roman Mediterranean, early Islamic glass and stone beads, circa 400 AD - 1400 AD sourced in Afghanistan from Mediterranean and Middle Eastern productions. Possibly some beads are Bactrian origin. Since approximately 1500 BC colored Roman glass was made in Egypt, Palestine and Syria (Mesopotamian Empire). Beautiful pieces of history. $989.

MUSEUM QUALITY. Extremely RARE Islamic 7-layer Chevron glass bead dates to approximately the 15th century or earlier and was found in Afghanistan. This spectacular glass bead has wonderful colors showing a beautiful original patina and wear. The quality is EXCELLENT with no damages or repairs. The bead has a diameter of approximately 10 mm and a length of 8.5 mm. SOLD

Five small ancient glass beads. Not the rarest or the most beautiful. The beauty lies in that they have remained with us for over 2000 years! SOLD

MUSEUM QUALITY. Extremely RARE ancient Roman wound glass bead circa approximately 100 BC to 400 AD or earlier found in Afghanistan. It has an exquisite design. This extremely rare bead shows a beautiful original patina and wear. $59.

Two 2000 year old Middle Eastern made glass beads dating from the time of the Roman empire, around the turn of the millenium, give or take a hundred years. The smaller blue bead is older, and of the "agate glass" style, while the larger bead is a bit later maybe 200 AD, and of the "rolled pad" technique. Both in good condition, and are from 6.5 to 10 mm in length. SOLD

ANCIENT BEADS :: Page 1 2 3

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